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blogging will resume

i’ve been getting complaints about where i’ve been. between flying to colorado and back, then busing it to philly and back, and then being struck by a debilitating bacterial infection of a major organ, i have not been able to blog much the past couple weeks. thank you alexander fleming and your wonderful bug-killers.

also, now i realize why people hate HMOs. thanks for not calling me back, bastards. it’s a good thing every person in my family is in the medical profession and can diagnose me over the phone and send prescriptions via fax. if you ever need a story written about you, i got yo back.

btw, that’s jesse on the right. thanks for the soup, sorbet, and orange juice. woot.

5 Responses to “ blogging will resume ”

  1. Russell Heimlich said:

    Kidney infections are no excuse to halt blogging. I fact a disease is the perfect lubricant to get the WordPress juices flowing.

  2. alison said:

    not if you’re too sick to look at bright lights. like a computer screen.

  3. bailey said:

    I wonder how much use your new “back from the dead” tag is going to get.

  4. Maggie said:

    Are you sure you don’t have swine flu?

  5. Muhamed said:

    Ah, i see. Well tht’as not too tricky at all!”

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