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WOWOWOW. FNL plus VM in DC = love


Pilot News: Minka Kelly and Jason Dohring Hot for CW’s Body

Friday Night Lights’ Minka Kelly has landed the female lead on Body Politic, the CW’s pilot about an absurdly pretty gathering of D.C. up-and-comers.

Kelly will play Hope, a sweet Michigan gal who, after her mother dies, moves to Washington to connect with the father she never knew — a senator-turned-attorney general (played by Animal House’s Tim Matheson).

Also on board for Body Politic is Jason Dohring, playing a reporter for the Washington Post. Following his run as Veronica Mars’ Logan, Dohring most recently had a series regular role on CBS’ short-lived Moonlight.

let’s discuss how great this is.

1. minka kelly (friday night lights) is from MICHIGAN and moves to DC. sound familiar!?!? unfortunately, no one from michigan looks like her. actually, no one from dc looks like her.
2. jason dohring (veronica mars) is a washington post reporter. hahahahahhaahahahhaha. now we’re definitely in twilight zone. aside from the wire, the portrayal of journalists is always a travesty.
3. is it hard to believe that her father became a senator even w/ a bastard/estranged child? this plot point is actually likely the least absurd of the three. i mean, david vitter is still a senator …

i’m just … really excited about this. i just hope they don’t mangle DC geography like they always do. do you think they’ll be partying it up at smith point? or vomiting on the sidewalks of adams morgan? and let’s predict how many romantic strolls they’ll be taking on the steps of the lincoln memorial or along the tidal basin. dear body politic, here’s some advice: locals NEVER take leisurely visits to the mall unless their cousins are in town. way too many fat tourists waddling along the wide sidewalks or, even worse, riding on segways. i bet a lot of the action will happen in georgetown, where no young washington post reporter could possibly afford to live. unless it’s in a horrible group house or actually glover park.

i think i’d be a pretty badass consultant on a show like this. HIRE ME.

7 Responses to “ WOWOWOW. FNL plus VM in DC = love ”

  1. sean dailey said:

    i like dohring, but the guy apparently doesn’t have the ability to fully close his mouth. the entire run of veronica mars i was like “logan, seriously dude, close your damn mouth.”

  2. N. Schwab said:

    Actually that’s not true — I jog on the mall all the time. I feel as though the zigzagging through all the tourists burns extra calories.

    What I find appalling is how attractive this reporter guy is. You find me a WaPo reporter who is that hot. They don’t exist.

  3. alison said:

    i think i’m more talking about scenes in shows like bones where the two main characters are like, sipping coffee on the steps of the lincoln. that def. does not happen. by the time you made it to the memorial, your coffee would be cold. i bike through the mall a lot, but that’s not “leisurely.”

  4. Ratt Stink said:

    come on, n.schwab. we all know you don’t go jogging “all the time,” least of all on the mall. unless it’s to kelly’s irish times after your kickball game.

  5. N. Schwab said:

    Not true! I do go “all the time.” How do you think I manage to stay this slim and trim and still go out drinking five nights a week?

  6. Tom Harkin said:

    My vote is for actually Glover Park. We have summertime molesters, no available parking spaces after 9 p.m., and tons of awesome white couples in their early 30s with babies strapped into upper-middle-class strollers. It’s a pretty cool place.

  7. CindyqzMew said:

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