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rage vs. apathy

i’m trying to subdue the amount of stress in my life right now. my rage directed toward stupidity (or as one woman euphemistically called it, my “extreme energy”) has begun to consume my well-being. ACK.

for instance, today, there were only two things that brought me joy. 1) reading about the economic crisis and 2) seeing a picture of a dog-sized rat in china.

i started reading the zen habits blog (one of’s top 25. i’m so mainstream) to cope, but if anything, i feel more confused. i feel more rage.

it’s the calm voice in the writing, and the lack of irony, and those damn emoticons. it’s the assured tone when writing totally unsubstantiated or conversely common sense advice. it’s the idea that not everything’s a big deal, and what you should really care about is yourself.

sounds reasonable enough, but at what point does that go too far and you just become a selfish, lazy, apathetic hypocrite? and why are there 94k people subscribed to some dude’s blog? and why do dozens/hundreds of people leave irritatingly optimistic comments after the similarly peppy posts? thinking about this is hard and saddens me.

and i’m back at square one.

save me.

4 Responses to “ rage vs. apathy ”

  1. Matt said:

    Alison… I know this world is killing you

    I think you just need to listen to this song a million times. Whenever I hear the name Alison it gets stuck in my head.

  2. jina said:

    this is my favorite post, ever.

  3. Russell Heimlich said:

    The dude who writes Zen Habits lives on Guam.

  4. alison said:

    i live on burritos and stale cigarettes.

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