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newark = the worst

i do a lot of traveling and have been to a lot of crappy airports, but my newark experience this morning was probably the most traumatic.

why newark sucks.

1. you cannot get to terminal C to terminal A at 4:30am without exiting and entering a security checkpoint. that suckssss.

2. in fact, you can’t get from one section of terminal A to another section of terminal A without exiting and entering security. that’s just stupid.

3. the “newsstand” i went to find food at looked as if it had been looted. there was one sad-looking bag of pretzels and a torn open box of triscuits, and that’s about it. empty shelves, empty newspaper racks, torn magazines.

4. when i went to a deli stand to buy a juice, i handed him a $5. he asked if i had smaller bills b/c he had no change. … um, right. then i asked for ice water. apparently they don’t do ice at 5am, but i did get a nice cup full of lukewarm tap water.

in conclusion, the redeye is killing my soul.

13 Responses to “ newark = the worst ”

  1. Kin said:

    Agreed! Try being stuck overnight on Christmas Eve in that airport. It was the worse experience ever.

  2. jina said:

    i agree. that airport is garbage. the whole place smelled like hot dogs last time i was there.

  3. alison said:

    like nathan’s “famous” hot dogs. ugh.

  4. jina said:

    exactly. sick.

  5. Alexandre said:

    I remember of snyaitg at a hotel in Mahipalpur area(10-15m drive from both the terminals) last year. I don’t remember the name though .It was about Rs. 1500 for an A/C type room just for a night.They would quote some high price if you show up with a lot of luggage.Don’t forget to bargain.You can get a prepaid taxi at the airport counter and ask the taxi driver to take some hotel.

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