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what i’m missing in dc

this happened a block from my apartment.

Car Wash Mishap Injures Two Employees

A car wash employee suffered seizure while driving a van out of a Northwest Washington car wash Tuesday, striking and injuring two fellow employees in the process, police said.

Earl Risby was outside, at 13th and O streets, Tuesday afternoon and watched as the employee at the Mr. Wash drove the white van out of the car wash so it could be dried. He watched in horror as the driver — who suffered a seizure, police said — ran over two of his fellow co-workers who were in the midst of drying off a blue SUV.

“I looked up and I seen the van come out — all of a sudden it accelerated,” Risby recalled.

“The back of the tire hit one dude on the leg. The guy in the middle of the street, it ran right over top of him,” he added.

i smell a lawsuit.

if you watch the video in the story, you can see my apartment in the distance at the :46 mark. the kicker of the story? the van was owned by metro. weird.

thanks houston, for the tip.

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