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the genius of blagojevich

“Corrupt. Arrogant. Stupid. Blagojevich Is Three for Three.”

i would disagree on point three. roland burris was a genius move. here’s why:

first we ask ourselves, why would blago even bother to appoint someone to the senate? when the democrats had vowed not to OK this pick, a normal person would have been, “well doggone, i think i’ll just go hideout in my cabin up north and watch the bulls on my tv bought by ill-gotten gains.” but not blago. he was probably more like, “well f*ck that f*cking sh*t. i’m gonna do whatever the f*ck i want.”

actually, i think he picked someone for a reason, not just to f*ck with us. i’m not a lawyer, or a law student, or anyone who has any expertise except many hours watching law and order, but it would seem to me that whatever blago is going to be charged with, it’s going to have something to do with how he was trying to sell that senate seat. BUT, if he manages to appoint someone to the senate who the entire world can’t find ANY suggestion of corruption, then i think he could use that as evidence that he was never going to carry the selling of the seat. in short, he will use the approved senate pick as evidence that he was never going to do anything illegal in the first place. SNEAKY.

but here’s the real genius. for this to work, he had to pick someone who was unstoppable. he had to find someone who 1) would take the job, and 2) be impossible for the senate democrats to pounce upon. he succeeded on both fronts.

1. anyone young and with any political ambition would never take a blago appointment. you will forever be tainted by it. burris, however, IS OLD. 71, to be exact. he has absolutely nothing to lose.

2. blago got everyone good by, i’m saying it, playing the race card. first i’m assuming that burris legitimately cannot be traced to blago in any substantial way. could roddie be that stupid? eh, debatable. plus, burris is a legitimate politician who’s won 7 (or so) elections on his own (atty general, comptroller). but the real genius was that by picking someone who was black, he’s managed to make it very difficult for senate dems to criticize burris. they come off sounding racist, especially since there are no black people in the senate. (what timing! or just more proof that america still sucks.)

so now, everyone is backing off on burris, and it looks like he’s going to get approved by the senate. i predict blago uses burris in his defense and serves no time.

7 Responses to “ the genius of blagojevich ”

  1. jina said:

    re: 2. – i think just more proof that america still sucks. nice post.

  2. Lucy said:

    Blagojevich obviously hasn’t been mainkg good decision for anyone or any city… rides for seniors-CTA plummet & meters… Now we expect “Howdy Dudi” to pick Obama’s successor? He’s not answering because he’s NOT CAPABLE of mainkg the right decision!

  3. said:

    Thanks for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

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