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mystery jets – young love

heard this song in forever 21, of all places. i think i’m getting old, but i have no idea how people shop in that store. it’s as if a bunch of dyed polyester exploded all over the walls and someone forgot to call hazmat.

i’m such a sucker for mediocre cross-gender harmonizing (2:34 mark). you could have a song that was terrible with one person singing, add the opposite gender, and you had me at hello. remember this?

this was the first song i thought of when i came up with “cross-gender harmonizing.”

3 Responses to “ mystery jets – young love ”

  1. Matt B said:

    Oh my god, this is possibly the most British band I’ve ever seen. They make Blur look like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  2. Coop said:

    Oh, you must love Mates of State, the whole band is based on male/female harmonizing. Here is a good example:

  3. alison said:

    so so so british. i like them despite of it. i got the rest of their album, and i think i previously described them as sounding like “a typical whiny lovestruck british band.”

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