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regarding kanye’s glasses (post below)

you look like an idiotshutter shades (the “Authentic Original Since 2007,” according to the site), are as stupid as trucker hats. maybe stupider. at least trucker hats have mild utility. warning to trendsters: if you wore these for any extended period of time, you will go blind. they offer no UV protection. in fact, i hope you wore them while laying in your tanning beds with your eyes open. this looks like a total LA trend: like ugg boots in southern california. pointless.

8 Responses to “ regarding kanye’s glasses (post below) ”

  1. jina said:

    but kanye makes them look so good.

  2. Mike said:

    Kanye is a complete joke! And Oprah ruined Uggs.

  3. Jess said:

    I didn’t know this was a new thing. I saw them this and last summer on St. Mark’s (hipster central in lower Manhattan)–although more for sale than being worn around.

  4. alison said:

    a version existed in the 80’s. but their rapid re-rise is something that happened in the past year or so.

  5. alison said:

    i want to slap them off the face of people who wear them.

  6. Russell Heimlich said:

    I had a pair of glasses like that when I was a kid. they were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed and included a little squeezey ball that let you squirt water out of the middle of the frame when you squeezed it. They were red and oh so cool. Unlike these lame, water-less ones the kids wear today.

  7. jina said:

    Sigh. Because I’ve been w/o cable for the past week and a half, I failed to note this:

    Hm. Maybe he really doesn’t make those crappy glasses look so good.

  8. Mike said:

    Oh and Uggs in Southern Cali… I wouldn’t call it pointless. Uggs derviving from the surfer scene, and created by surfers in Australia. I hardly see that the Ugg trend is pointless in a surfing community… Say what you will, I’ve been sporting Uggs for the past 8-10 Years, and there is not a day I don’t get razzled outside of my bubble… and for all you folks that say Uggs is a womens shoe are clueless!!!

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