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NYT writes about umich! omg!

A Rust Belt Oasis, the University of Michigan Is Spending Billions to Grow

to summarize:
1. the state says, oopsie, we’re in an economic state of depression.
2. the school says, eff that. we’re building the crap out of campus.
3. state says, we have no money to give you b/c we can barely collect income tax since more than 9.3% of people in the state no longer have income.
4. the market says, eff you all. i’m taking 30% of your endowment from July 1.
5. school says, whatever dude. we’ve got rich people who want their names on buildings.
6. school says, let my people build! children’s hospital, new dorm, b-school, and the big house, oh my!
7. student says, thank god the frieze building is gone.
8. student also says, didn’t they just update the biz school 4 years ago? again!? wtf.
9. nyt says, those crazy midwesterners, building in bust times. let’s write a story!

now you don’t have to read the nyt. you’re welcome.

2 Responses to “ NYT writes about umich! omg! ”

  1. sean dailey said:

    i rather liked the frieze building actually.

  2. JMH said:

    Winter in the Frieze was the worst. Good thing I kept extra blankets in my locker.

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