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fake fire: i hate you

i am currently at caribou trying to write some essays. when i came in, i sat down at a table next to what looked like a gently lit fireplace. “awesome,” i think. “it’s pretty f’ing cold out.” i sit down and realize it’s a fake fireplace with flames that are basically a fancy flashlight. I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW.

i just feel duped. but caribou has free wireless with lots of electrical plugs, and i desperately needed to get out of the apartment. i just want a real fireplace. not even real logs. just real fire. too much to ask?

2 Responses to “ fake fire: i hate you ”

  1. Russell Heimlich said:

    You should have lit the fake fire with real fire. I’m sure no one would notice.

  2. Jeremey said:

    I agree with the fake fire, but try having a real fire place that is not usable due to the fact that the roomies wanted a big screen TV right above it!

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