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tv update

not that i have time to watch tv right now, but when i do catch up on the 15+hours i have backlogged, i’ll be REALLY sad to watch some of the last episodes of eli stone b/c stupid ABC canceled it. i’m so pissed right now, i can’t even think of something funny or interesting to say. i’m just sad, eating conversation hearts from last valentine’s day (don’t ask), and listening to outkast’s happy valentine’s day. i just cope in weird ways.

pushing daisies and i think easy money got canned too, but i’m less upset about it. at least privileged and terminator got picked up for several episodes. 24 returns soon, too. it’s been so long, jack bauer. too long.

and then there’s this hilarity. you won’t regret reading it.

2 Responses to “ tv update ”

  1. Lauren said:

    I’m so pissed about Pushing Daisies. In my opinion, it’s one of the most creative and enjoyable shows on tv right now. It makes me so mad that ABC cancels these quality shows, but the Bachelor is in like its 15th season.

  2. Coop said:

    It really sucks that those shows are being canceled. Eli Stone was the only thing keeping everyone from hating lawyers. Now William Shatner is all we have left.

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