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spam attack

my blog is under a comment spam attack currently. this is mostly annoying b/c i open my email up and it tells me i have (12) messages and that i am cool. then i look and realize that 8 are spam notifications, 2 are google alerts, one is an amazon suggestion, and the last is a reply from my father telling me he’s mailed that allergy medication. this is pretty much a small devastation every time.

btw, i know it’s spam b/c the comments are like “Great site!” and “Nice post!” now if these were real comments, they wouldn’t be as tame as these. i like to think my comments run along the lines of: “omg you’re such an idiot” and “this is the funniest thing i’ve read EVAAAAAA.” on skunkgal, hyperbole rules.

also, anyone who knows me knows that part of me dies inside when exclamation points are used without irony. none of my real friends/readers would ever do that to me, and even if they tried they should know that i know what they’re doing. got that?

in conclusion, i still have NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT, except for the fact that barack obama is apparently a star trek fan and that when he met leonard nimoy, he flashed him the vulcan sign. i’m not so sure about this “change” nonsense, but if the man watched DS9, i’ll lose my skepticism and follow him to the end of the earth (or, ahem, the final frontier).

5 Responses to “ spam attack ”

  1. sean dailey said:

    Nice post!

  2. Coop said:

    Great site!!! You could blog about our 2-0 basketball team, we just beat Michigan Tech and Northeastern (MA) by more than 20 points each! Only one win away from matching the football team’s win total! I’m so excited! Also, can you explain why the press is covering Obama’s dog purchase so hard? Is it because:
    a) The media is starved for any real news that’s not OMG economy is awful,
    b) People are dumb and they want to hear about pets instead of important things,
    c) Racism! or
    d) none of the above?

  3. Russell Heimlich said:

    Is Akismet all set-up for you? It does a great job at dealing with those awful spam comments without you knowing a thing.

  4. steve said:

    Second on akismet. takes care of everything and i’ve never seen a real comment in its spam queue. you need a account (not just your .org software on your own site), then you just use the ID you get with that and akismet takes care of everything. the instructions for the plugin probably explain it well enough.

  5. alison said:

    ok people, here’s the worst part. i have akismet. these are badass spammers.bah.

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