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styrofoam robot > puppies

hat tip to maura.

bush does the shocker. wtf

here is bush w/ the arizona state men and women’s track teams.

arizona state, the classy school it is, does a version of the shocker as their official student hand gesture. it’s supposed to be a pitchfork (sundevils. get it?), but really, it’s still THE SHOCKER. you know it was made up by some asshole frat dude who was like, “dude, the shocker is so funny. maybe if we spread these two fingers apart a little, we can call it a pitchfork, the school won’t mind, and we can be assholes on national television all the time.” GREAT IDEA.

i almost do not have words for this photo, but really, i have a lot of words, such as: WHO IN THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE THOUGHT THIS WAS AN OK IDEA TO TAKE AND DISTRIBUTE THIS PHOTO? why wasn’t there some young white house aide who was like, “hmmmm. that could be bad.” or “OMG WTF. do you know what that MEANS?”

and let’s say bush didn’t want to be rude and felt the need to take that photo w/ the team … does it mean they have to put it up on the site?

wow. thank you paulo for jolting me out of my blogging funk. you can’t even make this kind of thing up. it’s as if he’s not even trying anymore.

spam attack

my blog is under a comment spam attack currently. this is mostly annoying b/c i open my email up and it tells me i have (12) messages and that i am cool. then i look and realize that 8 are spam notifications, 2 are google alerts, one is an amazon suggestion, and the last is a reply from my father telling me he’s mailed that allergy medication. this is pretty much a small devastation every time.

btw, i know it’s spam b/c the comments are like “Great site!” and “Nice post!” now if these were real comments, they wouldn’t be as tame as these. i like to think my comments run along the lines of: “omg you’re such an idiot” and “this is the funniest thing i’ve read EVAAAAAA.” on skunkgal, hyperbole rules.

also, anyone who knows me knows that part of me dies inside when exclamation points are used without irony. none of my real friends/readers would ever do that to me, and even if they tried they should know that i know what they’re doing. got that?

in conclusion, i still have NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT, except for the fact that barack obama is apparently a star trek fan and that when he met leonard nimoy, he flashed him the vulcan sign. i’m not so sure about this “change” nonsense, but if the man watched DS9, i’ll lose my skepticism and follow him to the end of the earth (or, ahem, the final frontier).

dead inside

is it just me or have all news stories since the election been utterly dull and lifeless? even a good “palin doesn’t know africa is a continent” story or the economy is dying article doesn’t get me hyped up to blog. i only say all this b/c i’ve been actively searching for an hour for SOMETHING to write about and nothing has struck me. bah. I’M WRITING A BLOG POST ABOUT HOW I HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT.

it sort of feels like how it felt to be blown away by the dark knight. i literally have not seen a movie since.

and god, even the post-election newsweek extravaganza isn’t doing it for me. OMG WHAT’S WRONG.

the wire gets M.I.A./blaqstarr treatment

the hotness

maybe i should say the tom waits song gets M.I.A./blaqstarr treatment, but we all know why i really give a crap about this song …

november 4, 2008.

the day barack obama got elected president will be one of those days that you’ll always remember where you were when it happened. unfortunately for most people my age, that puts it in the company of 9/11 (senior year, orchestra) and the first O.J. simpson verdict (6th grade math).

as for obama’s night of infamy, the party started at stoney’s. the scene: pleasant but too many women. every projection elicited cheers and clinked glasses or angry boos and loud proclamations of FAIL. (BOOOO. mississippi FAIL! … BOOOOOO. oklahoma FAIL.) plus, an obama countdown actually did happen (just like new year’s, except at 11pm, when CNN called the race). we then tried to start a “socialism” cheer, but that pretty much died on the spot.

then off to 14th and U for wholesome hipster/ghetto ruckus, and when it came time to dry off, stetsons and local 16.

anyway, a crappy slideshow. there are some redundant photos, so deal with it, and warning: maura is in a lot of these photos b/c she’s my vigilant partner in crime.

rahm emanuel is sort of hot

plus, the likely future obama chief of staff looks a lot like alexander siddig, aka dr. bashir from star trek: deep space nine.

siddig will def play emanuel in the obama movie of the future.

UPDATED: 11/5/2008 at 5:50 p.m.: sean has pointed out that emanuel also looks like robert downey jr. a normal person would have probably made this comparison first (downey is objectively WAY MORE FAMOUS than saddig). but i’m a freak. whatever.


don’t have to move to canada now.

in other news, 93 percent of DC went to obama. sure glad i voted.