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election day > new year’s?

i’m not really into new year’s, so the headline must be true, especially in dc. i’m also not sure how things are in other parts, but dc is in a tizzy deciding where to watch election returns today. i’ve researched at least five different web sites trying to find the perfect bar. i’ve been looking for somewhere that’s mostly democrat with lots of hot boys who are in impeccable shape thanks to all that canvassing in virginia (my line: “oooooh, you’re so strong. you must be able to carry, like, 100 clipboards.”)

ideally, the scene will be very new year’s-like. if/when they call it for obama, it’ll be like when the ball drops. 3….2….1….OBAMA!

time to make the dream a reality.

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  1. Maura said:

    this MUST happen. YES WE CAN.

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