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i like ‘privileged’; don’t judge me yet

perhaps i’m jumping the gun here (life on mars premieres tonight), but i’m going to have to come out and say that the cw’s privileged is my favorite new show this year. granted, the pickings have been slim, and of the 12 new shows that previously piqued my interest, one has already been canceled (do not disturb), two have been axed from my viewing list (raising the bar, fringe), and four have been getting such mediocre/bad reviews that i can’t muster energy to even try to watch them (knight rider, valentine, kath & kim, my own worst enemy). that leaves two i have yet to watch (easy money, life on mars) and three that i like enough to keep on so far (90210, the mentalist, privileged).

every week, 90210 loses me any time the students come on screen and are matched up in their little cutesy, angst-ridden couples (as you can imagine, this happens a lot), but oddly enough, the drugs, divorce, and parentals in the show — rob estes and aunt becky (full house!), particularly — keep me interested enough to record then fastforward through most of the hair-flipping badly delivered dialogue.

the mentalist is fine. it reminds me of “life,” but with not as badass of a lead. it also has robin tunney, who you will remember as the good witch from one of my favorite movies of all time: “the craft.” it was an awesome teen horror movie before scream made teen horror movies cool again. just ahead of its time.

but really, privileged is pretty good. yes i know it follows 90210 (which has problems on its own) and will likely get canceled, but that is exactly why you should watch it and save it. here are the first three reasons, starting w/ the ugliest on the left:

also, i need to convince at least one other person to watch this to discuss, so i don’t have to go to the imdb message boards anymore. this show is obviously not going into the pantheon of greatness, but as long as the lead character can keep her destructive awkwardness to a minimum, i’m on board. please join me!

lastly, even though there is little good new tv to watch, my old staples are doing me just fine.

my faves:
gossip girl
law and order: SVU
terminator: sarah connor chronicles

enjoyable enough:
pushing daisies
criminal minds
heroes (although it continues to test my patience)
it’s always sunny in philadelphia

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  1. jina said:

    thank you for referencing the craft. greatest. movie. ever.

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