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granholm for supreme court justice?

jenny “from the block” granholm has shown up on the short list of people who could end up on the supreme court if obama is elected president.

three of the justices are pretty old and could retire in the next term. one guy says that obama would likely pick a woman, especially since ruth bader, the only female justice, is one of the more geriatric ones.

this would be ridiculous because 1) granholm was born in canada. have we ever had a foreign-born justice? and 2) have we ever had a governor-turned-supreme-court-justice? maybe both of these things happened way in the past, but how about 20th century? or even late 19th century.

one thing that’s nice about granholm if this happened: her confirmation hearing wouldn’t be too scandalous since she’s already been raked through the coals at least twice as governor. no surprise illegitimate children or sexual harassment allegations. but i suppose her political views are obviously well-known and may embolden the GOP. either way, this is cool.

thanks to sean for the tip

4 Responses to “ granholm for supreme court justice? ”

  1. Coop said:

    Uh, we certainly have had a governor turned supreme court justice. A little guy by the name of Earl Warren. He just, you know, authored Brown v. Board, Gideon v. Wainwright and Miranda v Arizona. And Felix Frankfurter was the last foreign born Justice (he was appointed by FDR). So Granholm wouldn’t be too much of a trailblazer, but she may win the “hottest Supreme Court Justice” award. (By the way, I looked up all that info on the internet, I wish I was that knowledgeable)

  2. alison said:

    yes, and i was reminded/informed that taft was also a chief justice after his presidency. so goes a nonencylopedic knowledge of the supreme court. i still stand by the first canadian.

    how do you look that stuff up, anyway?

  3. Coop said:

    I simply typed “governor nominated supreme court justice” into google and Earl Warren came up, and I went to the wikipedia page about the demographics of SCOTUS to come up w/ the last foreign born justice. Interestingly enough, the Court is for the first time majority Catholic right now.

  4. sean dailey said:

    i remember back in 2000 there was talk of bill clinton possibly being appointed the next time a dem had the white house.

    how badass would that be?

    very badass.

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