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what is wrong w/ the world?

everything that went went wrong this week:

my flag football team was destroyed
michigan was destroyed
russian plane crash
india bombed from the inside out
trains colliding
perhaps the largest govt takeover of a financial organization was initiated
another bank is about to go down

call me a crazy liberal, but i think this is all sarah palin’s fault. the timing is right.

3 Responses to “ what is wrong w/ the world? ”

  1. Paulo said:

    I think there were something like four large earthquakes, too, plus the hurricane. I’m waiting for someone to blame the Large Hadron Collider proton stream tests.

  2. mike said:

    wait… hold on… blame it on Bush, thats what everyone has been doing for the past 8 years…

  3. jimmy said:

    even barack can’t help michigan football.

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