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if obama loses, blame palin + the internet

the mccain/palin numbers right now are unbelievable. if this all goes south, here’s why:

1. palin seems to defy all logic. if you say bad things, she’s more sympathetic; if you say good things, well you’re saying good things. the best way to stop the palin love machine is to STOP TALKING ABOUT HER. every time democrats and the media say anything negative about her, somehow her stock goes up. i don’t pretend to know why, but i’m positive it’s happening. the glee that lefties display when hating on palin is just making her stronger. the only way to stop this cancerous growth is to ignore she exists.

2. unfortunately, sarah palin is WEB TRAFFIC MAGIC. i know this personally b/c i wrote some throwaway blog post for work about palin and her college career, and now it makes up 66% of my traffic for the month. i’ve written appx 30 posts this month, and the palin one is almost 2/3 of my traffic. that is disgusting. anyway, even if journos and liberal bloggers wanted to start a palin moratorium, they can’t. their web metrics would suck and their numbers-derived pride couldn’t take it.

and so is the path into the barack obama’s black hole of death, where all democratic dreams go to die.

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  1. Matt B said:

    Don’t worry too much yet, Alison. Obama still has more money than McCain. I predict October will be a rough month for McCain as Obama drains his money on ads, and McCain doesn’t have enough funds to keep up.

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