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hanna, liars, coffee, and penises

hanna made me a liar: that wasn’t my first hurricane, it was my first tropical storm, and it mostly felt like a really rainy and windy day.

onto penises. i had a guy shake his in my general direction today while i was studying for the GMAT. you’d think a coffeeshop patio at 8:30 pm would be a relatively safe place and time from sexual predators, but apparently not. the relatively well-dressed non-homeless white guy was about 30 feet away, and at first i thought he was just engaging in some indiscreet urination, but i got the point when he started staring at me while vigorously “handling” his flaccid junk in every direction except the one that would have hidden it.

and so goes the most action i’ve seen in more than a month.

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  1. sean dailey said:

    coffeeshops are the least safe places when it comes to that sort of thing. during my tenure as a barista, i’ve probably seen/heard about that happening to other employees at least a dozen times.

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