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amy poehler was aight, too

tina fey was perfect, but so was poehler. i just wanted to be on the record saying that she got every bit of pro-clinton frustration right. without poehler and the underappreciated writing, i’d posit that fey’s palin wouldn’t have been nearly as effective.

and if it’s possible you haven’t seen the video yet:

i’m still searching for video of the “cathy” segment in the middle of the weekend update. maybe even funnier than the palin/clinton opener. random and family guy-esque.

P.S. michael phelps sucked. besides all your fancy gold medals, you are a disgrace to the university of michigan. only slightly better than our special teams units.

2 Responses to “ amy poehler was aight, too ”

  1. Russell Heimlich said:

    That Cathy skit was hilarious. It was my favrotie part of the night. The rest sucked. Especially michael Phelps. He really can’t read. or act.

  2. Coop said:

    Scroll down and it should be here.

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