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volleyball uniforms: my inner feminist is so torn

lots of feminists really hate how beach volleyball leagues have really unfair rules about what women wear vs. what men wear for tournaments. women must wear bikini bottoms no larger than 2.5 inches on the side, or something like that; men can wear shorts and tank tops.

i agree it is a little ridiculous that they’re forced to be scantily clad (apparently this is a problem for some conservative countries that want to compete), but i have to admit that the slightly gay part of me really enjoys the bikinis. the solution to this objectification problem is to force men to go topless. then everyone can be equally naked, and joy will be felt by all. hooray.

btw, the fact that crocs is an AVP sponsor kind of pisses me off. george bush wears black crocs w/ black socks, and that is just terrible.

5 Responses to “ volleyball uniforms: my inner feminist is so torn ”

  1. fuckpoliteness said:

    Well that was one solution proposed in this office, let’s make all the men wear speedos for absolutely every event, including say Hockey. Let’s get female commentators on there making condescending remarks about how gorgeous they are rather than what a ripping performance they’ve put in, how you just want to hug them, infantalising them by constantly referring to them as wonderful boys rather than men and treating them as primarily decorations loved for their warms smiles and ‘niceness’rather than athletes.

  2. Mike said:

    ^^ Well first of all, it’s called BEACH volleyball. The last time I checked both women and men wore swimwear to the beach, unless they were tourist and wore white knee highs socks & sandals along with their jean shorts. And the last time I watched beach volleyball, I don’t remember hearing any commentators saying any condescending remarks. As for the Olympics, all I’ve heard were how Misty May is probably the best female defender, and how Kerri Walsh is one of the best blockers…

  3. jimmy said:

    AVP, they can do whatever they want. Olympics, they should be more culturally sensitive. The event shouldn’t have a cultural bias, and since everyone attaches all of these lofty characteristics to the games, it does seem tacky to force girls to be scantily clad. I mean, can you even call it “beach volleyball” in the olympics? What about the atlanta games, is there a beach there? Its really should just be “volleyball in sand” and let the 90% of the world that aren’t as depraved as us feel comfortable with the event.

  4. restaurantrefugee said:

    As a man that enjoys women in various states of undress, but detests the objectification of women, this issue has always troubled me. As a former athlete, anything that interferes with performance is an afront to my athletic sensibilities. I cannot imagine that skimpy attire is an enhancement.

  5. JMH said:

    Thanks for that GWB picture. I now hate Crocs and George W. Bush more than I did before.

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