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if james joyce had a political blog

A Gloomy Forecast for Barry O’Bama in a Tavern Out of Time

CHICAGO—A spectral place, was 9009 Archey Road, tucked in a bend of the river on the South Side, with the night’s mist rising. A tavern out of time.

On the walls were a faded Parnell poster, lithographs of racehorses, and portraits of the town’s political thoroughbreds: Hinky Dink Kenna and Bathhouse John Coughlin, the great U.S. Sens. Paul Douglas and John Blutarsky, and assorted Mayor Daleys.

The barkeep, Dooley, was a man of stature. He poured with a liberal elbow, and was easy with his opinions.

i dare you to read the whole thing. it actually becomes more incomprehensible.

some reactions:
i think we can say one thing: it’s retarded
that’s a fuckin abortion of a story
this is like james joyce on crack
a potential comment: “how drunk were you when you wrote this?”
what! i dont understand
first of all. why is there a comma before was

add your own reactions!

2 Responses to “ if james joyce had a political blog ”

  1. sean dailey said:

    was that words?

  2. jina said:

    omg. thanks for making my day with this post. what the hell?

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