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sarah who?

is that deafening silence the sound of mccain stealing all of obama’s thunder?
that rat bastard.

not to objectify women or anything, but miss wasilla 1984 is a very attractive woman (there goes the undecided horny male vote). and she was apparently pretty killer at basketball, too. who wants to see palin vs obama in some 1-on-1 street ball?

olympics, i never got to say goodbye

great photo gallery. yes i looked at all 150 pics, and no i don’t read german.

two of my faves:

free bikes at dnc and rnc

at both conventions, attendees will have access to freedom bikes. i don’t see helmets, but let’s be honest, we could use fewer delegates anyway.

methinks the bikes will be used way more in denver than the twin cities. just a hunch.

why are people hating on this speech?

clinton’s speech was great.

if you are a dem who is seriously concerned that it somehow wasn’t good enough — that it didn’t do obama enough favors — then you obviously were never part of clinton’s team in the first place. the only people who saw that speech and could possibly be worried are those who were never on the losing side to begin with.

stop trying to predict what hillraisers will do; you clearly didn’t get it the first time. now it’s just getting embarrassing.

does cindy mccain have daddy issues?

let’s survey the evidence.

1. jim hensley, cindy mccain’s father, was a bombardier in WWII who was shot down over the english channel. after returning injured from combat, he left his first wife to be with cindy’s mom and left behind a daughter.

2. john mccain was a naval aviator who was shot down in vietnam. after returning injured from combat, he left his disfigured first wife to be with cindy and left behind a daughter (along with two other children from the first wife’s previous marriage).

kind of creepy, right? and as jesse says, every girl just wants to marry her daddy.

web magic

i don’t really do a lot of backend tech diddling at work or on this blog, but i can certainly understand the sentiment in this graphic:

it’s often the root of all work frustration.

they really need writers

if you can’t read it: “Writers Volunteers needed for a charitable organization”

couldn’t have said it better myself.

if james joyce had a political blog

A Gloomy Forecast for Barry O’Bama in a Tavern Out of Time

CHICAGO—A spectral place, was 9009 Archey Road, tucked in a bend of the river on the South Side, with the night’s mist rising. A tavern out of time.

On the walls were a faded Parnell poster, lithographs of racehorses, and portraits of the town’s political thoroughbreds: Hinky Dink Kenna and Bathhouse John Coughlin, the great U.S. Sens. Paul Douglas and John Blutarsky, and assorted Mayor Daleys.

The barkeep, Dooley, was a man of stature. He poured with a liberal elbow, and was easy with his opinions.

i dare you to read the whole thing. it actually becomes more incomprehensible.

some reactions:
i think we can say one thing: it’s retarded
that’s a fuckin abortion of a story
this is like james joyce on crack
a potential comment: “how drunk were you when you wrote this?”
what! i dont understand
first of all. why is there a comma before was

add your own reactions!