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which state is most alcoholic?

check out this sweet graphic that ranks states based on their overall drunkenness.

interesting facts:
1. michigan is #24, right in the middle
2. wisconsin, home of the beast, is #1, not surprising since beer basically grows out of the concrete there.
3. alabama is #50, which i suppose is also not that surprising since they have some of the most ridiculous blue laws. then again, i also imagine there’s a lot of reason to want to drink in the lovely heart of dixie.
4. i’m impressed with RI, NH, and VT for bringing the pain at #7, #9, and #10. who woulda thought new englanders could drink like us from the midwest?

4 Responses to “ which state is most alcoholic? ”

  1. Russell Heimlich said:

    I thought Alaska would have more drinking prevalence. After all, what else are you going to do after dog sledding in Alaska?

  2. Jimmy said:

    thoughts: so southerners aren’t drunken rubes?? They’re just rubes? I don’t know if this is better or worse. Gotta give the new englanders props…all the good beer comes from there or is imported from canada / europe. I went to a “specialty” beer store last night in cali; it was basically an overpriced version of any beer store i’ve ever been to in the north east. Its hard to be a beer connoisseur (i.e. drunkenness is a hobby, not a problem) when your choosing between fuckin corona and newcastle as your top notch beers in 98% of retailers. I guess we got good cheap wine, but you should see the dirty looks i get when i swill it straight out of the bottle. People just don’t know…

  3. Mike said:

    Lets not make fun of The Beast now… in a matter of 3 years, a 30 pack went from 9.99 to 12.99… obviously the beast is in demand, so they can charge more. Also it was great since no one in college would take my beer!!! but then again they drank PBR and Keystone…yuukkk

  4. alison said:

    i’m not sure if i was making fun of the beast, but i think that all beer prices have gone up b/c of a shortage of barley or hops or something. i wonder about the price of natty light.

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