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watchmen movie

if people ranked movie trailers, this might be the best one i’ve ever seen.

9 Responses to “ watchmen movie ”

  1. J-Ho said:

    Are you serious?

  2. alison said:

    um. yes.

  3. Jimmy said:

    i thought this was a terrible trailer. I knew this movie was coming out and was pumped up, but i couldn’t even tell what it was from the trailer and i even read the comic like a good nerd. The special effects look so lame. After this trailer I’ll be impressed if it even makes it to fantastic four level of quality.

  4. Mike said:

    I gotta say, I couldn’t even finish the trailer. Maybe because I am sick of all these comic book movies…

  5. alison said:

    what is wrong with you people.

  6. Ben said:

    Notwithstanding the 20 bucks that I’m getting for saying this, the trailer was sweet. I don’t understand how some people couldn’t tell what movie it was after seeing the owl-plane-thing in the first 30 seconds if they’ve read the comic (no offense, jimmy).

  7. jimmy said:

    i dont know, i wasn’t thinking about the connection at the time and it wasn’t instantly recognizable until I saw dr. manhattan. I just think that this comic is the worst idea for a movie, at least a live action one. I thought the story was way too surreal for a hollywood action movie. I guess the new batmans and xmen shows you can make a mature comic movie, but my confidence in the 300 guy to do it is extremely low. and i’m sorry, those speical effects were cheesy as hell. When I heard there was going to be a watchmen movie, i was expecting somebody to honor it with their “A” game.

  8. sean dailey said:

    let’s not forget that the “300 guy” is also the “dawn of the dead” guy. i think snyder definitely has potential as a director.

  9. Miss Schwab said:

    I saw this trailer when I went to see Batman and immediately thought: “Alison is going to loooove this movie.”

    That is all.

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