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i’m baaaaaack

fresh from the foggy shores of san francisco, i return with stories of fourth of july antics and anthropomorphic animal statues. but first, a photo of me looking wistfully and patriotically at the golden gate bridge. i love america!

honestly, i’m too tired (read: redeye flight) to blog much more, but i felt as if i should get the good ol’ nubby fingers ready for my ironic take on a typical family vacay. i’m off to finish “atonement,” which i bought at the worst-ever airport bookstore. book’s pretty good, although i’m always embarrassed to carry around a novel that has the characters from the movie on the cover, but apparently that’s the only thing air passengers want to buy and read.

also sad is the fact this is the first time i’ll be using the “books” tag on this blog. yikes. gotta read more.

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  1. sean said:

    i whole-heartedly agree with the movie poster book cover issue. it’s almost as bad as an oprah’s book club sticker.

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