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chicago: we don’t need no bars

there are two reasons to venture to the midwest. 1) to attend a conference for minority journalists and 2) to see boatloads of friends who have transplanted themselves in the middle of all things troy/university of michigan.

notes from the conference
1. workshops galore on how minorities are screwed in health, wealth, education, prison, everything. apparently we minority journalists are supposed to write stories about it all.
2. a quick guide on how to tell a print journo from a broadcast journo.

we don’t really care about radio, but they’re probably more like faceless print journos than anything else.

3. the senegalese president was speaking at this conference about free speech. there was quite the kerfuffle, and a fist fight actually broke out amongst critics and supporters. missed the fight, but did get to see a lot of angry people.

as for my many friends who live in chicago, our one night of partying can basically be summed up by this pic:

i just wish i could remember what song was playing.

a post b/c i feel guilty

for ignoring this blog over the course of my fab chicago trip. and now i’m going to california this weekend. too much.

anyway, i give you a bunch of amusing links sent by my friends.

jesse: Facebook Items Guaranteed To Be Lies

jesse, again: watchmen movie posters

andy: a pretty NASA pic of the milky way over ontario. yes i realize ontario is a large province, but that’s all i got.

going to chicago

for this journalism conference thing. more deets to come.

ann arbor = titletown

check out the cute asian boy at the 2:43 mark.

one last batman post. i swear. i think.

just got to reading some rotten tomatoes reviews. thoughts:

1. the fact that this movie is rated lower than wall-e is shameful. a crime against humanity. etc.

2. of the 12 reviewers who gave it the rotten rating, 9 are from new york. i realize that more reviewers probably live in new york, but 75%? plus, in the top crtics section, the only negative reviews were from the wall street journal, new york magazine, and the new yorker. i have a message for all of new york: GET OVER YOURSELVES. i literally will never trust anything you ever review again. and as for you new yorker: i liked your obama fist jab cover, but now you’re dead to me.

watchmen movie

if people ranked movie trailers, this might be the best one i’ve ever seen.

i lied about batman

i am going to review it, sort of.

i’m not going to go into any sort of detail about why i liked this movie, but i just wanted to get on the record saying that THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR, AND I THINK I MIGHT JUST QUIT ACTION/SUPERHERO MOVIES FOR THE REST OF THE SUMMER, MAYBE FOR LIFE.

these are the only reasons i can imagine people would say they didn’t like this movie:
1. you are trying to seem like you haven’t been swayed by the death of heath ledger.
2. you want to be “different.” (you probably dress ironically, in some way)
3. you have no soul.
4. you have no taste.
5. you want to be punched in the stomach and the mouth.

really, those are the only things i can think of.

taking into account the giant line we had to wait in to get into the movie (45 minutes before start time) and the fact that every showing was sold out tonight, i predict that dark knight EASILY manhandles spider-man 3 at the top box office opening weekend ranking.

i’d also like to mock the idiots who came to opening night of the biggest movie of the year 5 minutes before it starts. and then they get all indignant about having to sit in the first row. obviously you had the foresight to buy the tickets in advance, but not enough to show up 15-30 (or 45) min early? way to be.

anyway, go see dark knight. easily and unequivocally a 5-star film.

countdown to dark knight

going to the 8:30 showing since the 7pm was sold out ON TUESDAY. do you think 7:30 is early enough to get there? i just don’t know.

i won’t review this because it probably won’t affect whether you see it or not. unless it’s terrible, then maybe i’ll say so. i leave you with this amazing image, courtesy of sean.

two worlds colliding