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wanted and wall-e reviews/recaps

reviews and recaps in 10 words or fewer.

recap: jolie crushes mcevoy. bullets curve. mcevoy becomes badass, crushes everyone.

review: gratuitously violent, but surprisingly funny. less dialogue, please.

4 stars.

questions for those who saw the movie: why are all assassins the same height? who would have thought mcevoy had a HOT BODY? a young edward norton? a mystical loom, really? who casted common as an assassin? why must there always be a nude angelina shot? (disclosure: i have not seen a mighty heart. too soon?)

recap: battlestar meets brave new world meets terminator, but for kids.

review: lovely love story. way too many fat people.

4 stars.

questions: why does eve remind me of japanese anime? did anyone else think “cast away?” why is that peter gabriel song so damn catchy?

i will probably get pilloried for giving these two movies the same star ratings (out of five), but after being visually and aurally assaulted during wanted, it was hard to focus on wall-e’s slower pace. maybe i’d think differently if i saw the robot movie first, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

if you’re wondering, i did a two-for-one double feature tonight–and, no, i didn’t find anyone to see wanted with me. i went alone. everyone else’s loss.

3 Responses to “ wanted and wall-e reviews/recaps ”

  1. yating said:

    RE: James McAvoy in Wanted. Can I just say i will be purchasing this movie as soon as the DVD comes out? and I have totally loved the actor who played his father, Thomas Kretschmann…. I’m glad McAvoy has kicked it up a notch. Loved this movie, except for the Loom of Fate.


  2. yating said:

    PS: did you see other Bekmambetov’s other movies? Night Watch and Day Watch are even more visually and mentally chaotic.

  3. alison said:

    the mystical loom was a little much for me, and i’m a sci fi freak. some disbelief just can’t be suspended.

    re: bekmambetov
    i’ve seen bits and pieces of both, but never sat through the whole thing. seems right up my alley, though

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