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jeff goldblum on law and order: CI

whoa. whoa. whoa.

jeff goldblum will be replacing chris noth on criminal intent some time soon, and my mind is officially blown. i’m pretty sure this has been the biggest casting news of L&O since … ever? or maybe since chris noth decided to come back. definitely more huge than anthony anderson on the original and only slightly more strange than fred thompson running for president. somehow, though, this is not as awesome as mark-paul gosselaar playing a porn star on SVU (and jesus, what is going on w/ his hair on imdb?). but i digress.

goldblum will be making $250k per episode (for reference, mariska hargitay and chris meloni make $350k, some of the highest paid people in tv), and i have no idea if wheeler (julianne nicholson) will be back.
i haven’t seen goldblum lately, but i’m hoping he channels his character from independence day — geeky and misunderstood scientist, whose daddy is judd hirsh (otherwise now known as the father on numb3rs) and whose love interest is the present-day ELEANOR WALDORF(!)

and if your head is spinning after trying to follow all those names and references … congratulations. you’re normal.

2 Responses to “ jeff goldblum on law and order: CI ”

  1. jimmy said:

    holler pittsburgh. we’re taking over.


  2. jina said:

    i can’t wait to see him on CI. i was equally as blown away upon hearing the news! anyways, i think he’s kinda sexy in a weird sort of way. we can discuss the new role in further detail once the season begins.

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