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by far the most exciting news from the election

barack obama will be holding a town hall at TROY HIGH SCHOOL — where i spent four glorious years overachieving, driven by blind ambition. this is probably the coolest thing that’s happened in troy since the north side of somerset mall opened.

some fun facts about troy that i just learned from wikipedia:
1. aileen wuornos lived in troy, where her path to serial killerdom was apparently honed.
1a. it’s the 12th most populous city in michigan, which for some reason is surprising to me. (why “1a?” i skipped this point, then someone commented, then i realized i didn’t know how to count, and then i fixed. bah)
2. “Based on property value, Troy is the second largest city in Michigan, second only to Detroit.” i’m not sure what this means, exactly, but it sounds impressive.
3. median family income = $98,752
4. troy high and athens have a shocking 99% graduation rate, although i’m sure it helps that we ship all our miscreants to niles.
5. they are going to demolish the old kmart headquarters and build “a landscaped square with boulevards lined with upscale shops, restaurants, offices, a theater, and condominiums.” just what a declining economy needs. more stores!

4 Responses to “ by far the most exciting news from the election ”

  1. allen said:

    Nice pic. I think it would make an awesome t-shirt. If I wanted to print one or more such t-shirts, would you be in? I could do it myself, but the DIY t-shirt kits produce shirts that last maybe two washings.

    @2: I think this means that if you add up all the property values of every piece of (probably residential, but maybe including commercial) real estate in Troy and did the same exercise for every city in Michigan, the total dollar value of Troy is second only to Detroit.

    @4: I only recently came to appreciate how shockingly high 99% is. I was pretty sheltered — growing up, I actually thought that pretty much everyone graduates, and pretty much everyone goes to a four-year college/university after high school. Boy was I naive.

    I don’t think I ever asked you this, but are you on Team Hillary or Team Barack? I had always assumed you were on Team Hillary. Though I guess, even though I’m on Team Barack, if Hillary Clinton came to our high school I’d consider that pretty cool. After all, I would be proud to have either of them as President. And even if I weren’t, I’d still feel that it reflected well on our school to have someone of such stature hold a town hall here.

  2. sean dailey said:

    ali’s totally ron paul ’08! change that makes no sense.

  3. Bob said:

    Someone beat you to the punch: Here’s three versions of the shirt already (I knew I’d seen them somewhere)

    this was just a quick googling, there may be more

  4. alison said:

    ah, thanks bob for doing the work for me. everyone from troy should really have that shirt.

    @allen. your assumption is correct. i’d think mccain at troy high would be cool. or even ron paul. and since someone else has made the shirts, remember: christmas is only 7 months or so away.

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