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where was alison over memorial day?

a hint.

i …

… was in LA and huntington beach all weekend (obviously).
… took the obligatory hollywood sign picture while hiking with jimmy and jessica.
… saw horses on that hike (pictured above).
… smelled their poop.
… never actually went to the beach, despite the fact i was staying in huntington beach.
… could go a long while without seeing slightly overweight, greasy-haired rich men with their very fit, blond wives and spoiled, well dressed children.
… saw a lot of hipsters.
… went to a bar that was so cool that it didn’t even need one location. or a sign.
… slept on an air mattress.
… ate a lot of delicious mexican food.
… bought new clothes because it was cold and rainy (unheard of!), and i was irresponsible and didn’t check the weather before i left, therefore packing completely inappropriately for the inclement weather.
… was trapped on a metro bus on the way to the dulles with 60 people and a homeless man who managed to vomit all over the floor with 25 minutes left in the ride.
… was trapped in the long beach airport starting at 9pm because of a foreboding “security problem” for an hour and a half.
… got sick.

overall, a good trip.

3 Responses to “ where was alison over memorial day? ”

  1. Jina said:

    you didn’t go to the beach? lllllllame.

  2. alison said:

    i’m allergic to the sun. plus it was cold.

  3. Tom Harkin said:

    You should come to Iowa.

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