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RIP dear virtual friend

last week we all said goodbye to barber college, a blog of many talents. it was topical, insulting, oftentimes just so wrong.

with the elan of those of us who used to work at their college newspaper and are obviously longing for times past, barber college was able to say out loud what all our sick minds were already thinking — it was just way smarter about it. its presence will be missed, and in honor of its passing, i bring you highlights from perhaps its most lasting legacy: myspace hottie of the week.

first, the reason why this was a good idea, from the sire himself:

All you goody two-shoes out there probably think this is a really mean thing to do, but peep these reasons why it’s not:
1) People who put personal information on sites like MySpace are asking to be judged.
2) Do you think they really care what I think?
3) I’m actually trying to help them by pointing out their shortcomings so that they may overcome them.
4) Facebook is infinitely better than MySpace. MySpace pages look like they were designed by my two-year-old son Jerry (Gerry?), and he has phenylketonuria, thanks to his mother.
5) The Internet was invented for making fun of people you don’t even know.
6) It’s fun!

the hotties:

1. the first one. excerpt: “MacDonalds [sic] or Burger King: Burger King (MacDonalds [sic] supports abortion)” Fuck that shit. I’ll take some Mickey-D’s Fetus Fries over a Whopper Jr. any day of the week.
2. the clubber. excerpt: “The warning: You might get herpes if you read beyond this point.”
3. the huckabee lover. excerpt: “Pamm has this little box that supposedly allows one to enter a dollar amount, click “donate,” and instantly give money to the Huckabee campaign. I decided to call her bluff. I tried to enter $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in the box, but then it told me there was a $500 limit.

why, j-ho, did you have to grow a soul?

2 Responses to “ RIP dear virtual friend ”

  1. jina said:

    great tribute. myspace hottie will be greatly missed.

  2. Sean Dailey said:

    john henson was on my name is earl tonight.

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