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newt gingrich talks education policy

thursday i went to an education blogger summit — there’s nothing much to report except the food was abundant and fabulously good, and i really wanted to run this photo of newtsy.

i idiotically didn’t bring my laptop (to a blogger conference? (wtf, skunk), and i take horrible notes by hand, so here i crib some quotes from other, more effective bloggers.

newt called u.s. public schools a “monopoly of failure,” and quipped, “Given the slow pace of adoption by education bureaucracies, laptop computers will have to come down to $11 before they’re adopted by the Detroit school system.”

his idea to fix it all? clear out the preexisting bureaucracy (just fire EVERYBODY), and replace with some capitalism-esque direct-incentive system. i’m oversimplifying, but so was he. fair game.

newt was quite the charmer, which i assume helps cover up the shades of crazy in his ideas. he’s right that things are terribly broken, but getting rid of the department of education (true story) seems ill-advised. and why do you gotta always bring detroit in all this? don’t we have enough problems? have mercy.

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