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celebrity sighting: corey parker robinson

The Wire’s detective sydnor (who looked good in a suit and out of that under armour t-shirt) narrated copland’s “lincoln portrait” at the kennedy center tonight. as far as i know, this is officially the closest i’ve ever been to an actor from the wire, and i’m sure the geriatric crowd around me had no idea who this person was (“why couldn’t they get morgan freeman?”).

after the concert, i was forced to watch him snuggle w/ his grrl in the box seats (get a room), but at least they weren’t worse than the couple three rows up who were playing grab-ass and sucking face all through intermission. i think it’s cute when ugly people find each other, but i’d rather be punished with your inevitably ugly kid and not the freak nasty it takes to get there. at least the kid couldn’t help being homely.

in conclusion, i’m glad i wrote this post about a concert for a genre that no one listens to, which featured an actor from a show that barely anyone watches. if you made it this far, thanks for the support, friends.

3 Responses to “ celebrity sighting: corey parker robinson ”

  1. jimmy said:

    yo, i’m just blown away that dude has a name. He just crept into the wire as part of the crew, and i felt bad 3 seasons later when he was still hanging around with lester and i still didn’t know who he was. he was always like one of those people you’re introduced to but never really take note of, then keep seeing them in the same places but always feel awkward about seeing again. But then you get kind of drunk and say fuck it and just start bullshitting with them like you just met them but you’ve really been in the same spot like 8 times and you have all the same friends. Wait, what’s the topic again?

  2. alison said:

    jesus. are you drunk?

  3. nicole said:

    was his date black, white, latino or what?

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