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baltimore schools: VERY REAL

thank god there are people out there trying to save this world from itself. michigan friend jeremy is teaching for america out in baltimore and has been doing the middle school history thing via soulja boy and kanye.

rumor has it, the kids love him — and i like to imagine that he’s channeling michelle pfeiffer circa “dangerous minds.” unfortunately, the analogy falls apart when you realize jeremy is not ex-military (or female). or, if i wanted to name drop, i’d say his life is more like “school of rock” meets “school house rock” meets “rennaissance man” meets “the wire.”

check out the myspace page.
or just these lyrics for “soldier boy” to the tune of “crank that (soulja boy)”:

Soldier boy up in this war
We won’t take this anymore
Redcoats had done us wrong
So load the cannons, let them roar!

or listen to “tea party” to the classic “next episode.”

2 Responses to “ baltimore schools: VERY REAL ”

  1. Coop said:

    The Hip Hop Historians are going to be bigger than the Hiphopopotamus and the Rhymenosorus combined. Mark my words.

  2. sean dailey said:

    my favorite dangerous minds-ish movie has got to be “stand and deliver” starring none other than admiral william adama.

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