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where was alison over memorial day?

a hint.

i …

… was in LA and huntington beach all weekend (obviously).
… took the obligatory hollywood sign picture while hiking with jimmy and jessica.
… saw horses on that hike (pictured above).
… smelled their poop.
… never actually went to the beach, despite the fact i was staying in huntington beach.
… could go a long while without seeing slightly overweight, greasy-haired rich men with their very fit, blond wives and spoiled, well dressed children.
… saw a lot of hipsters.
… went to a bar that was so cool that it didn’t even need one location. or a sign.
… slept on an air mattress.
… ate a lot of delicious mexican food.
… bought new clothes because it was cold and rainy (unheard of!), and i was irresponsible and didn’t check the weather before i left, therefore packing completely inappropriately for the inclement weather.
… was trapped on a metro bus on the way to the dulles with 60 people and a homeless man who managed to vomit all over the floor with 25 minutes left in the ride.
… was trapped in the long beach airport starting at 9pm because of a foreboding “security problem” for an hour and a half.
… got sick.

overall, a good trip.

yes, we waterboard

the ACLU blog posted a page from CIA torture documents that have been heavily redacted — the understatement of the day.

“These enhanced techniques include: ………………………. Water Board”

i should be outraged at this horrid abuse of government (etc.), but all i can think is, “that is so much wasted printer ink.” that shit’s expensive.


i have at least one devotee (check out the 3rd comment down). that’s both flattering and creepy. asian fetish?

update (5/28/08 5:30pm): is this him? a cpa from australia?

a toile love affair

when it comes to fabrics (ok guys, you can stop reading now if you want), my favorite is toile, with its traditional 18th century french two-tone, pastoral-themed design. i know i don’t seem like a toile kind of girl, but there it is.
i only say this because this artist’s “historically inaccurate” designs are so awesome and creepy, i want them EVERYWHERE. moderation be damned.


i hate clowns and i still want this.

indiana jones: the experience

i love midnight opening-day showings of geeky movies because it’s one of the few times i’m surrounded by people who happen to be more lame than myself. a timeline of the experience, with zero as the movie start time. (p.s. very very mild spoilers)

1:15 BI (before indy) — we arrive at the theater and the seats are already 3/4 filled. lots and lots of brown hats.
:50 BI — woman gets up in front of the screen and conducts a rousing acappella rendition of the indy jones theme song, sung by audience members. around 20% of theater participates.
:40 BI — bandyk goes to the bathroom.
:33 BI — one of the pop culture trivia slides takes an extra second to load. audience begins to clap in anticipation of beginning of previews/commercials. false alarm! advertisement for DC apartments pops up, and people sigh in disappointment.
:30 BI — on-screen trivia ends (for real), commercials start. woman behind me complains.
:15 BI — previews begin! thunderous applause. first up, eagle eye, starring shia lebeouf. some movie with a cryptic terrorist plot. reception is pretty mild.
:13 BI — “kung fu panda” preview. little/no applause before or after, but i’d definitely see this.
:11 BI — “the curious case of benjamin button” trailer might have actually drawn boos. a movie starring brad pitt as a man who ages backwards? i wonder why ….
:9 BI — nicole kidman and hugh jackman appear on screen. i say to bandyk, “wow, this is a really australian movie.” name of movie = “australia,” by baz luhrman. i swell with pride.
:7 BI — “hellboy 2” preview draws mild applause, but i’m very impressed. i will def see this opening night. who’s in?
:5 BI — “hancock” trailer is a chuckle-producer, but will smith as an alcoholic superman-like figure? i’ll hold out judgment till reviewers get their grubby hands on it.
:3 BI — cue batman music, followed by another round of thunderous applause. “dark knight” trailer sends crowd into convulsions of joy. by the end of it, people are ready to leap out of the seats. btw, the actual movie hasn’t started.
:1 BI — the “be quiet” message comes on. applause.
0!!!!!! — paramount logo appears. applause
:1 AI (after indy) — logo fades to first frame. applause.
:10 AI — indy shows up. applause.
:40 AI — karen allen appears. applause.
throughout film — applause.
2:03 — movie ends. applause.
2:07 — file out of theater, greeted by a local tv crew out to view all the crazies out at night. wave “hi” to the camera!

how was the movie? it was fine. i recommend it to indy fans with low expectations and people who can still appreciate a solid movie despite a bad ending. 2.5 (maybe 3?) out of 4 stars (but 3.5 for the first hour and a half, and a solid 2 out of 4 for the last 30 min). it was last crusade meets national treasure meets x-files. i have to admit that audience participation may have been key to my enjoyment.

only funny b/c no one died

the first five paragraphs of this story are classic, so i’m going to bold every word that made me laugh out loud.

Boy, 12, faces drunken driving charge after crash

HARTMAN, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas preteen faces a drunken driving charge after he and a friend drank his parents’ beer, “got liquored up” and crashed his stepfather’s pickup truck, the Johnson County sheriff said.

Sheriff Jimmy Dorney said the 12-year-old boy and his 10-year-old friend drove off in the truck May 4 to find a girl they met at a rodeo. The boys made it about 10 miles before the 12-year-old lost control of the truck.

Dorney said the truck hit and jumped over a guardrail, sending it careening 50 feet down a steep hill into a forest.

Clark James, 46, who lives down the road from the crash site, said he answered the boys’ banging at his front door with shotgun in hand about 2:30 a.m.

“I opened the door and the first thing (the 12-year-old) said to me was, ‘I’m drunk and I had a wreck,'” James said. “I looked at him and I thought ‘You’re kind of young to be out drinking. And you sure shouldn’t be driving.'”

nice find, esteban.

midnight at the indiana jones opening

who’s going to the first public viewing of indiana jones kingdom of crystal skull wednesday night/thursday morning?


who thinks i should dress up as short round in honor?

9:50pm: still full from lunch

a trip with maggie and her mom to the very hip taste of arlington in (gasp) northern virginia today inspired an epic scarfdown that included, in various serving sizes ranging from bite to bowl, in approximate chronological order of consumption:

1. chili with cheese, onions, jalepenos, and hot sauce
2. smoked pork sandwich with hot sauce
3. pork over saffron rice
4. chicken shwarma sandwich
5. pasta
6. massive plate of anonymous indian food (right)
7. wine
8. lettuce wrap
9. ice cream sandwich
10. crab cake sandwich
11. paella
12. chocolate-covered strawberries (more than one)

the food plus torrential downpour made me think i might just get a cramp and drown on the bike ride home. luckily i made it — just in time for me to lay around and not eat dinner the rest of the afternoon.
and for the record, if any of you have ever found me attractive in the past and that’s no longer the case — i completely understand.