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the popemobile

i could really care less that the pope is in the united states, but his ride is hot.


the one he’s sporting in the US of A is a “custom-built two-door Mercedes ML 430 that was donated to the Vatican in 2002.” another fact: JPII didn’t like how the car was called popemobile (“undignified, he said), but this debate rages on:

A Vatican spokesman couldn’t say whether popemobile (small p) describes every car in the pontiff’s fleet or whether only the car in use by the pope is the Popemobile with a big p (the same way any plane carrying the U.S. president becomes Air Force One).

also, how awful must it be when (not if) the pope rips one in that glass box of his?
and does it amuse anyone else that the pope is so obviously on display? literally in a bullet-proof box that sort of resembles a uhaul. i guess most public figures are often on display, but here, they’re not even pretending. (look. dont’ touch.)

plus, check out the BMW version of the popemobile that got rejected by the powers that be:


the beemer is way cooler. i also enjoyed this washington post slideshow.

thanks kent and jesse, whose jokes i totally stole.

3 Responses to “ the popemobile ”

  1. allen said:

    I hope I don’t go to Hell for saying this, but Pope Benedict really reminds me of Emperor Palpatine.

    As for the Popemobile, I kind of agree with JP2 about the name being a little undignified…it sounds like something out of a cartoon on TBN — I mean, EWTN — equipped with holy water nozzles and an incense smokescreen.

  2. Jess said:

    No BMW because this pope was already a member of Nazi Youth (I’m taking Sewell Chan’s word for it, posted in this afternoon’s Lede on NYT) and we all know that BMW was an antisemitic company.

  3. jimmy said:

    I think we should show some goodwill and donate the pope a fine american vehicle for the next pope-mobile. Maybe like a ford or something. oh wait, we’re a no go on anti-semitism. whoops.

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