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the hot dentist

got my teeth cleaned this morning, and i think i need a blood transfusion now. the earth day massacre that was my 8:30 appointment had one upside–dentist was tan, fit, well-dressed, and hot. a little rough, but i guess some people like that.

the worst part about the dentist is the uneasy feeling i get from watching a bunch of young, pretty dental hygienists and clerks get ordered around by some dude. the hygienists do all the work, he gets all credit (and money). my feminist panties are all up in a bundle, but i can’t put my finger on why. ideas, anyone?

3 Responses to “ the hot dentist ”

  1. jimmy said:

    you think that’s misogynistic? What about the hygienist exchange program?

  2. Sean Dailey said:

    i think your panty situation prolly had more to do with the hot dentist than anything, if you know what i mean.

  3. Maggie said:

    My dentist is not hot and cleans your teeth himself. Would you like a referral?

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