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busy day for detroit-area law enforcement

Police: Woman lived with dead sister for 1-3 years
Detroit authorities made a gruesome discovery north of Hamtramck tonight. The partially mummified body of a woman was found lying on the kitchen floor about 9:30 p.m. in the 18000 block of Buffalo Street, Detroit Police said.

The woman’s sister was in the home, and police believe she has been living in the house with the body for one to three years, the approximate time it takes for a body to decompose to that extent.
The woman’s body had been at least partially covered with newspapers. Police believe a cat and dog living in the house had eaten some of the remains.

Dozens of dogs and cats, plus a horse, removed from filth

Police rescued more than 60 dogs and puppies, a dozen cats and a horse from the backyard of a Sterling Heights home this afternoon after finding sick, injured animals with lifeless limbs, swollen eyes, open sores, infections and matted hair.

The dogs, some of which may lose their vision because of ulcers in their eyes, were confined to feces-steeped wire cages and surrounded by flies, mice and rats at Lornich Kennels at Mound and 15 Mile. Many of the cats suffered from upper respiratory infections, veterinarians at the scene said. The horse was skinny and filthy.

One chihuahua with red, swollen feet was caked in feces and slumped over, his head in a dirty food dish. He struggled to stand up and lift his head when a rescuer approached the cage.

i don’t even like animals and this is terrible. plus it’s 10 miles from my house. i didn’t know we had horses for sale in the suburbs.

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