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a good tuesday

half-priced burgers and free ben and jerry’s ice cream can’t compete with tonight’s 200th episode of law & order: SVU. robin williams will be playing some sort of creepy sexual predator.

in other words, euphegenia doubtfire will be taking a break from acting tonight.

3 Responses to “ a good tuesday ”

  1. allen said:

    I just watched. Theories re the ending? I actually don’t watch SVU all that often, but I made it a point to catch this one when I heard that Robin Williams was going to guest star.

    Next week: Stephen Collins…I’ll have to watch. It will be interesting seeing him in this role, after seeing him for several years as Reverend Camden on 7th Heaven.

  2. Mike said:

    Didn’t watch it, but when you said creepy sexual predator, it reminded me of that movie he did.. 1 Hour Photo… that movie was straight up, MESSED UP

  3. allen said:

    Oh yes, 1 Hour Photo…one of my favorite movies!

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