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tv ads that make you wish you lived in the dc area

pohanka autos

eastern motors

7 Responses to “ tv ads that make you wish you lived in the dc area ”

  1. Paulo said:

    For comparably tacky Baltimore area advertising, GO GEBCO, GO GEBCO!

  2. jimmy said:

    the eastern motors one is fantastic. I can’t decide whats better, the indian chief or the song. And you’d think if you’re gonna have the three most recognizable redskins in your commercial, you’d step the production level up a little bit. Seriously, did they get a highschool a/v department to direct and film that.

  3. Maggie said:

    How could you forget this one?

  4. Jess said:

    I don’t want to pull out the R card, but seriously? A little?

  5. alison said:

    the r word for the ads being made or for posting them up here? i had a feeling someone would bring it up, but i can’t help thinking the entertainment value of these ads objectively exists.

    if someone can find commercials where extremely famous and well-paid white professional athletes are making really goofy ads with low production values, then please post it up. there are those peyton manning vids, but everyone’s seen those.

  6. Jess said:

    My comment was the product of my reflection about the fact of those particular ads appearing on this particular blog in the context of (this should not be overlooked) Washington DC race-based identity politics. The ads themselves are racist in my eyes, for the fact that they make their black subjects appear as idiotic, dancing monkeys, or athletes who put on a poor show and dance for an audience. The use of blacks in these clips as entertainers, not of high culture, either, but as intended to make us laugh AT them, or as athletes, or as the arbiters of a valueless cultural strain (the music in the second two commercials) and nothing more than this, is poorly-veiled exploitation and racism that I find offensive. A question of whether or not they are objectively entertaining (an unanswerable question, by the way) seems trumped by the very obvious racial/racist overtones that drive these ads to existence.

    As for the fact of their appearance here: I don’t think it’s racist of you to post them, Ali, but you have certainly isolated the Other in doing so, and given the racial composition of Washington I find it surprising that you’ve participated in gleaning pleasure or amusement from them. The title of this post I think I’ve correctly read as sarcastic, implying that the presence of blacks who need their jobs as credit to purchase or lease cars, or that the presence of blacks who make racist ads like these, living in your city is also offensive to you. The question now is which of these is the case.

  7. Nikki said:

    Maggie stole my thunder with this gem:

    I guess there’s only so many awful commercials in the D.C. region.

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