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the sartorialist show

so a couple posts back, i asked why someone would go to an art show where all the prints on display are also on the artist’s blog. the answer, obviously, is not to see the art, but rather, be seen preening and posing near the art.

imagine a room full of people who really, really want to be photographed by a the eminent fashion chronicler of our time. they look just like the photos on the wall—which *NEWSFLASH* is exactly why you won’t be photographed any time soon. why would he want to take pics of an outfit he’s already seen?

for the record, i wore an off-the-rack number—complete with ratty nine west loafers and tights, classy horizontal-stripe jcrew turtleneck (my favorite cotton/polyester blend), and an itchy black wool french connection dress.

i got some pics of the guy and some quasi beautiful people. that’s right buddy. i’m taking a pic of your overtanned, surprisingly small-statured existence.


i’m not going to post any more pics of the people there (that’s exactly what they want), but you can bet there were plenty of pocket squares, fake glasses, berets, and ironically mismatched prints.

i will, however, post pictures of these business cards i gathered from the floor of the stairwell.


if you can’t read the tag line, it says, “moving forward by thinking backwards.” what does this mean? what does this guy do? the answer is nothing, on both counts. these are fake business cards for a man who has no real job, who apparently runs an “online magazine” (read: half-ass blog) that was created because he was “all to [sic] tired of magazines that deal with celebrities and socialites alike to whom are interesting in their own right but in my eyes aren’t the ones that need the limelight 24/7.” huh? i repeat: found these on the floor.

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  1. jimmy said:

    “i’m not going to post any more pics of the people there (that’s exactly what they want)”

    Yea, these folks were just praying that they could get some media attention from a blog read by literally dozens of kids in their early 20’s with no influence.


  2. Dhanu said:

    Hello there! I can have sworn I’ve been to this blog before on the coratrny behind browsing through some of the send I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m positively happy I set up it and I’ll live bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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