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beating the artsy fartsy rush

kat, the girlfriend of my coworker, adam, is an artist.


i don’t know much about art criticism, but when it comes to what i consider good (beautiful) art, i take after what u.s. supreme court justice potter stewart once said: i know it when i see it.

now i don’t mean to compare kat’s paintings with porn, but i love the two above images as much as some skeezballs like grainy, illegally downloaded action–and without the shame.

seriously though, once you get over the assault of color, you can start to notice the detail. there is clearly artistry involved and “nature” is a theme in her other works (birds! plants! fish!). but once you find the tentacles and red blood cells (and other homages to science, i’m guessing related to her human development degree), can you really blame the geek in me for liking this?

in any case, i’m a fan, and i hope i can get in on the ground floor of her work. you see, lots of people read this blog, and i have this big empty white wall…

3 Responses to “ beating the artsy fartsy rush ”

  1. Russell Heimlich said:

    I like her art work too!

  2. Liz said:

    That is gorgeous.

  3. Kaplan said:

    I am all about this art. Smiley.

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