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WT rich rodriguez

lady, your hair is outrageous. that look might be OK in west virginia, but that shit don’t fly in ann arbor. and for the love of god, go buy a northface fleece.

6 Responses to “ WT rich rodriguez ”

  1. Michael said:

    Country roads….take me home
    To the place….I beeeeelonggggg
    West virginia….mountain momma
    Take me home….country roads…..

    Boy I miss John Denver….But her hair is pretty white trash… How man cans of hair spray do you think she used???

  2. alison said:

    i’m pretty sure she ripped a new hole in the ozone layer.

  3. Maggical said:

    Um, I have seen worse, much worse, in the state of Michigan before.

  4. Jesse Kyle said:

    coach rod lives the dream… big hair and ‘animal’ print shirts? i can only hope my future wife has such discerning taste.

  5. MikeForster said:

    Mr. D has joined the blogging community:

  6. RyanJW said:

    I think she needs to get on Mike Barwis’ strength and conditioning program before she becomes Calista Flockhart … but the good news is, if she did become that … Harrison Ford would be coaching Michigan!

    Cue Indiana Jones theme song…

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