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why i hate season 5 of the wire so far

it’s currently my facebook status, and a handful of people have asked me why. a message i’ve already crafted for someone (MILD SPOILERS):

1. this mcnulty/freeman making up a serial killer storyline is completely absurd. i didn’t realize i was watching desperate housewives with gangsters.

2. not only is the storyline absurd, but it’s taken over the show. i want more omar, snoop, chris, marlo, actual police work, etc. i’ll even take more of the mayor, who, for the most part, i can’t stand. i never would have said this for seasons 1-4, but way too much mcnulty

3. did i mention the newspaper scenes can be awful. obv i come from a closer perspective, but some of these characters are pretty flat. they are good or they are bad. none of the layers of the other characters. maybe i don’t know enough about drug dealers or politicians or cops, but i’m pretty sure journalists are complex human beings too.

4. fake reporter plot? please. that wouldn’t happen nowadays–at least not how it’s happening here. maybe before jayson blair and stephen glass, but since then, all i’ve seen are editors who are hyper paranoid about fake sources. the erosion of journalism is a lot more subtle than that.

5. and why are their junior reporters so old? the stories they are chasing down are the ones they give to interns nowadays. these people are in their late 20s early 30s. that’s editor material already.

my prediction; mcnulty and freeman go to jail, and bunk solves the rowhouse case doing real police work. if i’m correct, i’ll hate this season even more. TOOOOO EASY.

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