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watch your head: feminist rant coming

a conservative pundit asks: What rape crisis?

everyone else goes: ARE YOU SERIOUS?
rebuttal: Wrong on rape
salon: Girls, stop rape through “sexual restraint”!
and many, many more

from salon:

She argues that the reality “behind the rape hype” is “that it’s the booze-fueled hookup culture of one-night, or sometimes just partial-night, stands.” In other words, hookup culture is responsible for the disagreement between how women label their experiences of rape and how researchers define them.

Beyond her butchering of the statistics — and denial of the library of supporting research — her philosophical position is unconscionable. She actually argues that “greater sexual restraint would prevent campus ‘rape.'” If only she hadn’t worn that skirt, walked down that dark alley, had something to drink, smiled his way, she wouldn’t have been “raped.”

It’s a pity Mac Donald went through all this trouble to explain why so many women are resistant to calling a forced, nonconsensual sex act “rape,” when researcher are not. She need only look at the prevalence of victim-blaming attitudes like her own.

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