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stuff asian people like

riffing off the “stuff white people like” site, a white friend and i thought, “wouldn’t it be funny to make an asian site?”

but damnit, someone else did it already.

obviously the white people site went viral last week, and some crafty asians were quicker to the punch than i was. oh well. i’ll offer up my own (and coop’s) ideas here. maybe someone else can expand upon them.

asian girls like: white guys
asian girls like: black guys
asian boys like: asian girls
asian boys like: shakira
asian people like: betamax/laserdisc
asian people like: violin
asian people like: noncontact sports (tennis, golf)
asian people like: break dancing
asian people like: louis vuitton

i don’t think i’m actually asian enough to properly write the asian people blog, but i can expound upon these if the demand is high enough.

10 Responses to “ stuff asian people like ”

  1. Michael said:

    I don’t think I am Asian… I have also been told I am “White-Washed”….

    1) Where are all the white women at?
    2) I hate plush toys
    3) I think LV is stupid and a complete waste of money…

    theres some other stuff too, but thats besides the point…

  2. Anonymous said:

    asian people like to:

    1. be told that they are “white-washed” in which case you probably aren’t.
    2. falsely talk about how inferior their kids are to other people’s kids but really be passive aggressively bragging about their kids
    3. pay the bill even if they are cheap as hell
    4. brag about how hard/long/sweaty/backbreaking… their work is

  3. kingkool68 said:

    Asian people like: to do homework
    Asian people like: eating noodles
    Asian people like: Anime
    Asian people like: squinting all the time

  4. Jesse Kyle said:

    according to time, asian people like: racism.

  5. Peter Nguyen said:

    Sorry we beat you to it. =)
    Is it okay if we use some of your suggestions on our weekly spotlight segment?


  6. Peter Nguyen said:

    Hey allison. We would love to have you as a guest write on our blog. I just need your email address and then we’re set. However, we will need to review any posts before they are put up in order to maintain purity and content. Thanks again for your help!

  7. Jina said:

    I agree with Jesse.

  8. Maggical said:

    No Hello Kitty? Is that too cliche? That was huge at Annandale High School. We also had a lot of Asian gang fights.

  9. windo said:


    and soon asian boys will have their own hello kitty gear as well…

  10. Jimmy said:

    Looks like we can all contribute. Someone made a wiki:

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