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two cool cousins

cousin mike sent me this gem of a video:

Funny Kid Isnt Sorry About Huge Party – Watch more free videos
the best part is this whole fight he has w/ the broadcaster about his glasses. i’m pretty sure she wants to stab herself in the face.

and lastly from cousin allen, a headline from yahoo health (not even some dinky school newspaper):
Dsylexia Can Be Overcome
and if you don’t find that mildly funny, then maybe you have dyslexia too.

2 Responses to “ two cool cousins ”

  1. kingkool68 said:

    Those are some pretty popular shades.

  2. MikeForster said:

    Man, I guess this is the inevitable result when we send our most skeezy convicts to populate a continent. It’s good to know that America doesn’t have a monopoly on white trash.

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