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this just in: texas hates its children.

an apropos typo

from the university of alabama’s crimson white:

Site offers cheapter textbooks

desperately needed.

one more baby abuse photo

thanks, jess, for the tip.

my christmas vacation

with a week to reflect upon my time at home, i can definitively say this is what i did over the holidays.

1. went to my palace, somerset mall. almost every day.

2. played guitar hero 3. until my wrist and fingers hurt.

3. watched movies
national treasure: so bad, it’s still bad.
enchanted: the excellent moral to the story was don’t get married after a day. or 5 years.
sweeney todd: if you like/tolerate musicals and excessive/gleeful blood and gore, this is excellent holiday fare.

4. hung out with babies. lots. of. babies. a small sampling

5. ate a lot

6. drank a little, mostly this:

7. played pictionary. can you guess what these are?

what are these scribbles? from left to right.
1. two interpretations of an ostrich.
2. next was “stake,” which was only guessed (by me) after the fangs were drawn in. big surprise there
3. let’s just say i froze up after the artist drew water, then a stick figure with huge boobs, then violently circled the crotch area. it’s obviously a bikini.
4. other attempts: wolverine, pacman, and the 7yo guessed spider. correct answer = crab

it’s almost 70 degrees in dc today

this was my life in michigan exactly a week ago:

call me a freak, but i sort of miss home.

lost in translation

latest news: ford motor company might be selling its british brands jaguar and land rover to an indian company named tata motors. i don’t know what “tatas” means in india, but it means boobs in the u.s.
definitely one of the many perks of globalization.

speaking of boobs, a perry bible fellowship comic for you. (click pic to enlarge, obv.)

sci-fi blog? wish i thought of it first

from the people who brought us gawker and wonkette is the IO9 blog, completely dedicated to all things sci-fi.

a sampling of awesomeness

happy new year to me

thanks to lloyd carr, this year’s january 1 was a marked improvement over the last. hooray to michigan football for not allowing me to watch the bowl game in a DC bar. alone. wearing the maize and blue. meeting a stage actor from michigan who was recently in an episode of law and order. taking a shot every time USC scored. and subsequently getting absolutely wrecked only having to show up to work the next morning on my 3rd full week at the job. (true story)

programming note: sorry for the blogging vacation i took, but there will be mass reports of my time spent in michigan. a teaser: snow, babies, pictionary, movies, and guitar hero.