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this is beyond pop/soda

you don’t need to move to a different country to experience culture shock. all you have to do is move away from michigan. this chain email did a lot of the work for me (#5 is one of my faves), but here are two more michigan revelations that have recently blown my mind.

1. did you know there’s no such thing as devil’s and angel’s night outside of detroit? my whole life i truly believed october 30th was synonymous with arson (in the city) and petty vandalism (in the suburbs). imagine my surprise when i found out NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS. no one brings in their pumpkins before sundown on the 30th and no one fears getting the bejesus toilet papered out of their front lawn. also, no one else celebrates only 62 reported fires in one night.

2. only michiganders eat pączki on fat tuesday. have you lived anywhere else where there were so many polish people around? maybe chicago, but down south (dc), the only fried dough we eat are dunkin donuts and krispy kreme. most people couldn’t even tell you what a “poonchky” was.

i clearly am not as cultured as i thought i was.

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  1. Michael said:

    I already posted this in your “Devil’s Night” blogg… but for the most part, I know NJ does have a “Devil’s Night”, we call it Mischief night though… also talking about that, there used to be this old man who would hide in his bushes and beat up kids who tried coming NEAR is door… like coking kids out and spraying them with water… it was pretty insane… but any other night, we would call it “scorping”… dont ask why that name because I can’t help you there…

  2. Jina said:

    I knew about the whole Devil’s Night thing, but Fat Tuesday!? Very interesting, Ms. Go, very interesting.

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